Why Work for Interphil

Interphil Laboratories, Inc. continues to evolve and remain steadfast in transforming itself as it responds and adapts to the exciting changes happening in the business landscape of today.  There is no better time and place for intelligent, dynamic and creative individuals to build their careers.

In Interphil, we believe in hiring only the best “fit” individuals. We are committed to developing and growing managers and leaders early on in their careers. Our organizational expertise is well preserved within the organization because we are promoting from within. Our employees stay long and say good things about the company because we provide excellent working conditions and competitive remuneration. We are committed to training and development to further enhance the technical and professional skills of our people. With a flat and simple organizational structure, our staff has the opportunity to work alongside managers and decision-makers hence, they are constantly stimulated and engaged. We work relentlessly to keep our work environment safe and clean. We are determined to cultivate an open and friendly corporate culture that puts paramount importance to customer service.

In Interphil, we have truly developed and retained a high performing, enduring workforce that enabled us to continuously drive the business today and moving forward into the future.

We encourage you to visit and explore our website and develop an understanding of our purpose, vision and values, know our products and services and appreciate our corporate philosophy.  If you share similar principles and ideals and inspired by the work that we do, we would love to hear from you.